Berta Rodrigues, LCSW, CPC
Intuitive Psychotherapist, Life Coach &Presenter

Highly Effective & Compassionate Wellness Services


To support humanity in raising its consciousness by helping empower clients including highly sensitive individuals, light workers and twin flames to create authentic and fulfilling lives through integrative wellness services and personal and spiritual development. 

Services for Adults and Children

  • Intuitive Life Coaching, EMDR Therapy and Hypnosis Sessions
  • Somatic Healing & Reiki Sessions
  • Nutritional Education & Integrative Medicine Sessions
  • Presentations and Playshops About Healing Services, Personal and Spiritual (Metaphysical) Topics

What is Meant By Spiritual Services?

Spiritual  services are not based on any religious affiliation or dogma.  They are based on metaphysical teachings and energy principles such as the importance of the present moment, unity consciousness, law of attraction  and quantum physics.